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South American Blitz 4

  • PAINTBALL ARKANSAS 558 Sturgis Road Conway AR 72034 UNITED STATES (map)

South American Blitz is set up as a friendly competition between TWO CARTELS (they want to trade drugs for money with the other cartel), the COLOMBIAN NATIONAL POLICE [they want money (they can be bought by anyone willing to pay them drugs or money)], the BLACK EAGLES [they want drugs and/or money for “services” rendered (doesn’t matter who, just pay em’ and it's done)], and SOUTHCOM (they want successful missions and to seize drugs and money).  Each group is in competition with everyone else…there can only be one that ends up with the most profit!!!The bragging rights go to the faction who has more money/drugs at the end of the day [not as simple as it sounds - MORE TO COME ON THIS (subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest intel)]. There are several videos from last year’s SAB3 that can be viewed, to get an idea of the game dynamics – new videos with SAB4 specific info up soon.